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Front line army commando battle is basically 3D action game of a front line army commando belongs from army unit of special force personal, determined to defend the front line border on the price of his life as he's been assigned at frontline border against an enemy country to defend from criminals, mafia, enemy forces, infiltrators, narcotics smugglers and terrorists on enemy payroll hired by their secret agency. Being on a frontline army commando duty you must persuade a covert operation against these enemies' friends in hideouts in jungles and hilly caves in mountains. Gangsters and robbers of enemy forces including terrorist are equipped with the modern war weapons supplied by enemy secret agency and ready for fierce clash with to get you crushed and infiltrate with in your main city and win the battle.

Enemy is roaming with bullet proof jeeps and enemy air force provides them cover up with helicopters and fighter jets, on ground they are best sniper shooter and have gorilla training given by enemy army troops in using AK-47, as their main counter weapon for counter war strike. This front line army commando game needs your full spirit and zeal to play and win from unseen enemy who wage a war against your country, feel the essence of best army commando games of 2016 in this frontline army commando battle game. This game combines the missions of war games, commando games, army games and everyone who likes military games will love to play it for hours.

Being brave commando of army frontline unit you will encounter the enemy with modern weapons like ak47, bazooka, short gun, sniper gun, mini gun and with many deadliest weapons used in surgical strikes, so you must win this war from insane enemy being lone hope of nation. So aim right and go for headshots at your rival forces as you are a brave assassin commando having accurate and precision shooting skills and have participated in swat missions to counter extremists, kidnappers, gangsters and brutal terrorists. So hold your breath and zoom in before pulling the trigger of shoot to kill the enemy and prove that you are a real brave hero of nation in this fantastic war game.

Being a real contract sniper killer and a fortune soldier of elite sniper shooting unit, you are the defense line to save the country so you must take the final revenge of your ailing soldiers and martyrs.

Game is blend of FPS (first person shooter) games, strategy games full of action and war games as you are playing the role of lone survivor army commando at frontline in a outrageous mission against a relentless and brutal firepower of enemy.

This is extremely challenging and full of bloodshed action game to wage assassin sniper missions against the enemy forces with a fury style against the secret enemy equipped with modern gunship helicopter ready to wage battle with help of enemy military troops.

Frontline army commando battle is thrilling army commando warrior missions based game full of multiple modern combat missions and you are the frontline army commando in this battle to counter the ultimate deadly assault since you are an armed forces personnel who never fears from missiles fired by gunship helicopter in air or from a gunshot fired from a warship aircraft carrier or explosive fired from a tank battalion or bullet fired from enemy placed over mountain sniper shooting range or in a desert shooting strike, as army frontline commando believes to live or die for country in each second of his life to save humanity and avoid any d-day in this world against rival force fire and prove you are military battlefield commando.

-----: Game features : -----
* HD graphics.
* Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mag sounds
* Real warfare battle games.
* War zone missions.
* Play as an elite squad member.
* Sniper zoom in & zoom out to get the target close.
* New sniper rifles.
* Zoom in to find the rival force positions in warfare.
* Health bar showing your life line.
* Full Action Game with FPS.



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